Beta2 — May 2012

  • Sunday, May 6, 2012



Release Notes

Advertised Version: 4.0b2 Continuous Version: 1.0b2 Release Date: 6 May 2012 Documentation: Availability: Private, No Sourceforge source, Autotools build, No binary

The Beta2 release fixes the following bugs reported by beta testers:

  • Boost library compilation inside PSI4 now uses the user’s PYTHON environmental variable, to help avoid the situation where one version of Python is used for Boost, and another for PSI4, leading to linker errors.
  • Problems were encountered when compiling with versions of OpenMP older than version 3. Code specific to OpenMP 3 has been removed. The code should now compile with OpenMP 2.
  • User manual has been updated to remove mention of dependency script, which was only intended for machines that had very few of the relevant dependencies installed (unusual case).